Fachschaftsinitiative Biologie



Master thesis 2018

The Hippo effector nuclear membrane proteins: Do they regulate muscle adaptation to hypoxia? Is this important for disease?


MSc thesis with publication potential for up to two Biologists or Molecular Biologists.

Aim of the project. We seek up to two motivated and talented biologists or molecular biologists to further characterise this interaction YAP and LINC protein under hypoxia. The MSc student(s) will address some of the following research questions:

1) Under what conditions (e.g. hypoxia and mechanical stress) does YAP co-localise with nuclear membrane and LINC proteins?

2) Do nuclear membrane and LINC proteins regulate the transport of YAP into the nucleus and is this affected by hypoxia?

3) Is there a link to YAP-mediated gene expression under normoxia and hypoxia?

Interested: Send us an email to henning.wackerhage@tum.de

For more information, just download the following description.